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Going about buying a CCTV home surveillance system

September 16 2017, 06:10am

Going about buying a CCTV home surveillance system

CCTV monitoring systems have been gaining popularity over the last few years. The technology in these devices has bettered and the pricing for these products are much more affordable than what they were a few years ago.

A CCTV system works with a set of cameras used for surveillance that are plugged into a Digital Recording Unit which is used to view the recorded feed. The feed can be stored on the DVR and can be accessed when required as it is stored on a hard drive of the unit. With the use of an internet connection the feed can also be broadcasted to a smartphone or similar devices enabling remote viewing.

CCCTV cameras are available in a wide variety but these are broadly classified as outdoor and indoor cameras. Both these types of cameras have similar features but are specialized to perform in specific environments. Outdoor cameras are built to capture feed in extreme weather conditions without any interruptions. Indoor cameras are less bulkier and light in weight, giving them the advantage to be placed at any indoor location. Both these units are available in wired as well as wireless options.

Depending on your surveillance needs, cameras of choice can be opted for. Outdoor cameras are fully equipped to captured large coverage area, capture in pitch darkness with infra red led’s and also toggle in different directions. Indoor cameras are also available with similar features but are designed for the indoor environment.  Advance features such as long exposure to capture images in low light or short exposure to capture images in bright light also are also available for these devices.

We will cover a series of articles over the next few weeks that will explain every detail of a CCTV home security system and more. Stay tuned to the blog!

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Implement these fundamentals of interior designs in your home decor

November 18 2016, 12:08pm

Home decor can be a daunting task for many considering that there are so many aspects to designing a room not forgetting the many perspectives of interior design. The folks at Eadus Goa shared their approach on how they go about designing the room. Although the subject is exhaustive one, this article help understanding the bare essentials.

Designing the room first begins with assessing the architecture of the space. have a look and feel of the amount natural light entering the room along with the placements of elements such as windows, verandas, doorways, fireplaces etc.   This is vital in creating a design plan as when styling the room you would have to work around these elements.  Once a layout is planned designers make use of several design principles such as the use of color, symmetry, balance, lighting patterns and textures in the rooms decor.

Although the principles remain the same, you will notice variations of these concepts used by professional designers. Take color as an example, different rooms are capable to handle different colors, kitchens work well with strong vibrant colors in comparison to bedroom which require softer tones such as blues or greens.  Many designers also create focal points in the room to keep the eye focused on a large objects to catch attention. With the use of textures and patterns the eye can also be tricked to make the room appear smaller or bigger. An example would be the use of horizontal colored long tiled flooring to create an illusion of infinity. The use of mirror and other shiny objects can help in allowing the light to amplify in the room this making it to appear spaces.

Along these design series, we will  discuss at length the various styling principles used by professional designers that you can complement in your home to make the your room appear to well designed.

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Advantages of installing a modular kitchen in your urban home

November 18 2016, 12:03pm

Plenty of homeowners in Goa have been installing modular kitchens  in the recent past.  As the cost of apartments in urban areas have been increasing each year the sizes of the apartments have are getting smaller, this would mean a smaller kitchen size.  The average size of a kitchen space in urban areas is now around 25m2 -30m2, which make it a very smaller space to cook in.

Since the space available is small, it is important that it is very utilized to maximise functionality and improve efficiency while cooking. Along with creating a space to cook, many would even like to entertain friends or family here.

Keeping this in mind, modular installations give customers a the option to pick and choose the types of layout they prefer. On consulting a kitchen designer such as MKG, an optimal layout is planned keeping your preferences in mind.  Once a layout is decided on, clients can now handpick the cabinet structure they desire to have installed by simply visiting the store from the store catalogue that display's a variety of modular kitchen combinations. Clients largely benefit from this as they are aware of how they kitchen would look like once assembled in their home as the units they choose are then displayed as a mock-up kitchen in the store itself. Customers now get a better look and feel of how the kitchens would like and can make the changes or modify the elements should they feel they prefer other layouts.

Customers are also provided with the option to choose different finishes, color schemes and themes in the store itself. Modular kitchens installations are pre-manufatured units making it easy for stores to showcase mock kitchens for their clients. From a pricing perspective, these are less expensive in comparison to customized kitchens as they are mass produced.

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Coming Up!

November 10 2016, 11:13am

Posted by Christy

Coming-up, how i went about converting a dull boring space into this! Please join me as I share tips and tricks to improve any living space!


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